Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Today more than ever, the work of supervisory bodies in the service of a long-term increase in the value of the company requires professionalism, expertise and efficient work processes. The responsibility as a mandate holder for the owners is constantly increasing and requires responsible handling of the capital and the opportunities and risks for the company and its employees.

Benefit from our many years of experience with supervisory bodies, board members and shareholders.

Benefits through corporate governance


As a future mandate holder, you want to prepare as best as possible for your work in a supervisory body.


As a member of a supervisory body, you are looking for a professional and confidential exchange with a sparring partner outside the company.


As a shareholder, you would like to know that your capital interests are protected by the optimal composition and working methods of the supervisory bodies and the cooperation with investors and the management.

Procedure and possible solutions

Protection of capital interests

We help shareholders, entrepreneurs and their families to protect their capital interests in the long term. For this purpose, we accompany the establishment of supervisory bodies and support the search for and appointment of supervisory and advisory boards that are optimally suited to the company and the investors in terms of personality, expertise and industry experience.

Preparing for mandates

We systematically and confidentially prepare future mandate holders for their work as committee members or chairmen.

Qualification of committees

We provide mandate holders from non-business professions with the necessary knowledge on specialist and industry topics as well as the work processes in the committee and are available to them confidentially in the background as a neutral sparring partner.

Taking over mandates

As part of a responsibly selected and limited portfolio of mandates in supervisory bodies, we can also take on the representation of institutional and private owners on the supervisory boards of family businesses, private equity companies and corporations if required.