Change Management

Change Management

Move more with less effort – consistently answer key questions

How do you define the boundaries of the company and the relationship to cooperation?

How can you optimally define the role of Corporate Functions, Competence Center and Central Services?

What do customer-oriented, agile and robust structures and processes look like in the units close to the market?

How can the responsible managers identify and actively manage resistance to change processes in good time?

Which roadmaps with key projects and measures can be derived from the strategy cascade from the corporate level down to the product/service group level?

Does the organizational blueprint correspond to the market and strategic requirements of the future?

How can structural adjustments resulting from strategic decisions be identified and implemented with appropriate reorganization measures at structure and process level?

What changes are necessary in the corporate and management culture in order to make the planned change a lasting reality?

Benefits through change management


The organization is able to flexibly integrate new market and customer topics as part of business development and to map them structurally in a timely manner.

Growth targets

The organization is able to meet growth targets and scale the business.


The structures and processes are customer-centric in line with the strategy.


They anchor the adaptability and agility of your company

Strategic Awareness

You increase the strategic awareness and learning ability of your organization

Business model

You secure the business model and the long-term successful position in the market through systematic design and accompanied implementation of the necessary change processes

Procedure and possible solutions

Structure follows Strategy

Programs for reorganization and process optimization

  • Structural organization: Identification and design of strategy-compliant structures
  • Restructuring: Restructuring and spin-off of business units, central services and national companies
  • Legal form: Support in choosing the appropriate legal form for the reorganization of business activities
  • Process maps: Description and optimization of customer and value-added processes that are critical to success
Leading Change

Leading Change – Culturally Aware Management

  • Design and support of cultural development programs
  • Post merger integration
  • Training concepts for managers and their role in change processes
Strategic HR Management

Management of strategic human resources

Clarification of the quantitative and qualitative managerial requirements including the necessary competence profiles.