Executive Search

You carry out a targeted search for high performers with excellent professional, methodical and social skills which perfectly match your company’s specific market and sector requirements.

You need sufficient and immediately available additional management resources for a planned expansion in new markets and areas of activity.

You want to take the right course of action in a timely fashion in respect of cover and succession planning issues.

You need an experienced sounding board at supervisory and advisory board level for professional corporate governance as an integral part of sustainable corporate security.

Benefits of Executive Search

  • Definition

    You receive a function specification and search profile which is in accordance with strategy and attractive to the market
  • Discretion

    We support you with the maximum of discretion when approaching and placing ideally matched candidates
  • Integration

    Rapid ability to hit the ground running through supported integration into operational processes

Procedures and Approaches

With our support, find managers for your management and supervisory bodies whose personalities are best suited to your company:

  • Specification
  • Search & Approach
  • Preliminary research
  • Shortlisting
  • Interview
Using your company’s key strategic information, we will work with you to specify the task and requirements catalogue for the function in question and the candidate being sought.
We will identify potential candidates using customer and function-related market research, as well as our own pool of candidates, and approach them systematically.
We will carefully check for you their suitability and readiness to move and interview them to ascertain their professional, methodical and social competencies.
Based on our confidential report, you select candidates for interview on your premises.
We prepare and facilitate the presentation and afterwards, inform the candidates swiftly and respectfully of the outcome.

On request, we will carry out an analysis of potential for the selected candidate and obtain references.

We also provide support to the candidate for smooth and successful placement and integration into your operational processes, and if required, also during the induction phase and beyond with appropriate development and coaching services.

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