Corporate Governance

More than ever these days, the work of supervisory bodies as an integral part of the company’s long-term value appreciation needs to be professional, technically competent and based on efficient work processes. The responsibility of being a mandate holder for the owners is increasing constantly and demands responsible management of capital and the opportunities and threats encountered by the company and its employees.

Benefit from our many years of experience with supervisory bodies, board members and shareholders.

Benefits of Corporate Governance

  • Competence

    As a future mandate holder, you want to be as well prepared as possible for your work in a supervisory body.
  • Professionalization

    As a member of a supervisory body, you seek professional and confidential exchanges with an external “sounding board”.
  • Advisory

    As a shareholder, you want to know that your capital interests are being protected by a supervisory body which is ideally constituted and has an ideal working method; and that there is good collaboration between management and investors.

Procedures and Approaches

  • Protection of Capital Interests
  • Preparation for the mandate
  • Training of boards
  • Discharging mandates
We help shareholders, entrepreneurs and their families to protect their capital interests in the long-term. To do this, we work with you to set up supervisory bodies and support you in the search for and appointment of advisory and supervisory board members who, in terms of their personality, technical competence and experience in the business are an ideal match for your company and investors.
We prepare future mandate holders systematically and confidentially for their work as a member or chairperson of a board.
We provide mandate holders who come from professions remote from the business field with the necessary knowledge in respect of technical and sector-related issues, as well as the board work processes, and operate in the background as a confidential and neutral sounding board.
As part of a responsible, selective and limited portfolio of mandates with supervisory bodies, upon request, we ourselves also represent institutional and private owners on supervisory boards of family companies, private equity companies and limited liability companies.
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