Executive Development

Effective leadership – what it really involves

How do you want to manage in your company?

What professional, methodical, social and emotional demands do you make of your managers?

How do you achieve leadership excellence for your company?

Benefits of Executive Development

  • Managing conflict

    Your managers can resolve structural and personal conflict constructively.
  • Entrepreneurship

    Your managers actively ensure the continued development of the company using their own initiative.
  • Accountability

    Leadership in your company is clearly defined and visible.
  • Value orientation

    The requirements asked of managers are transparent and are fulfilled. Management philosophy and values are practised and passed on.
  • Strategic competency

    Management behaviour is in accordance with strategy and strengthens the customer and employee bond.

Procedures and Approaches

  • Management Model
  • Competence & Performance
  • Development Programme

Clarification of the management culture and checking of management principles

  • Checking and development of management models with the board and senior managers
  • Management appraisal systems and employee satisfaction analyses

Improving management quality in the company

  • Design of transparent job architecture throughout
  • Development of competency models with defined skill sets in tune with job descriptions and fundamental job architectures
  • Development of performance management systems

Design and implementation of management development programmes through to complete corporate leadership academies

  • Identification of qualification need
  • Connection with fundamental competency model and management model
  • Lead and overall concept including development of individual modules
  • Delivery of selected modules (e.g., strategy, change, leadership)
  • Support in the selection process
  • Involving managers of academy participants
  • Briefing and management of trainers and lecturers
  • Coaching of team projects and individual coaching
  • Support with organisation and participant administration
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